In response to budget cuts that have eliminated the arts programs in public schools, the Actors’ Gang helps to fill the educational gap by providing free in school, after school and summer programs for students of all ages.  The Actors’ Gang works directly with communities providing theatre programs that develop social skills, self-esteem, peer support, non-violent expression of anger and tension, and support for academic success.

As part of the Front and Center Collaborative in Culver City, AG has developed The Theatre Infusion Program (T.I.P) at Culver City Middle School.  This collaboration between AG's teaching artists and all three CCMS 6th grade social studies teachers has successfully infused curriculum with the concept and practice of “Composition."   "Composition" is an essential method of writing, research and exploration, utilized by The Actors' Gang, in the process of creating original work.  AG continues their popular after school theatre program, which is open to students from all five Culver City elementary schools as well as Culver City Middle School and High School.  Actors' Gang after school programs serve approximately 50 elementary and 75 upper level students per year. The TIP program serves 420 students at the Middle School.

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