Enter Stage Right.  In-class workshops are conducted by an expert 24th STreet Theatre teaching artist, during which students get on their feet to explore the tools of the theatre, tableaux, pantomime, characters and plot.  The field trip to 24th STreet Theatre immerses students in a 2-hour interactive theatre adventure that catapults them from the ancient history of the theatre to contemporary multimedia production.  This one-of-a-kind performance puts the entire 2,000 year-old art form of theatre in context as students look behind the scenes to learn about centuries-old superstitions, jobs in the theatre, and theatre elements; sets, costumes props, sound, lights, and live music.   The program includes a renowned 2- hour Professional Development for all 5th grade teachers that workshop that is guaranteed to inspire! 24th STreet Theatre’s Enter Stage Right project serves a total of 500 elementary age students and 15 teachers.

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